Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

Shepherd, Ryan P., O'Meara, Katherine Daily, & Snyder, Sarah Elizabeth. (2016). Grammar agreements: Toward a more finely-tuned approach to corrective feedback. Journal of Response to Writing, 2(1), 43-57.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2016). Men, women, and Web 2.0 writing: Gender difference in Facebook composing. Computers and Composition, 39, 14-26.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2015). FB in FYC: Facebook use among first-year composition students. Computers and Composition, 35, 86-107.

Shepherd, Ryan P., & Goggin, Peter N. (2012). Reclaiming �old� literacies in the new literacy information age: The functional literacies of the mediated workstation. Composition Studies, 40(2), 66-91.

Articles in Preparation

Shepherd, Ryan P. The literacy of Facebook: SNS literacy practices and multimodal composing.

Shepherd, Ryan P., Incoming Writing Transfer: Using Prior Writing Knowledge in FYC.



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